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Each patient represents a unique case, with independent characteristics. Contact us to schedule a complete evaluation and to be able to define the details of your treatment, including its duration and budget.

Our revolutionary MeRT therapy has proved highly successful for the treatment of numerous neuropathologies. Here you can see a list of these. If you do not find your condition in the list, you can write us so we can advise you.

No. On the contrary, many of the patients find their sessions very relaxing. It is a method, non-invasive, non-surgical, and does not incur any type of trauma for the patient who undergoes it.

Each session can last between 30 and 40 minutes, depending on the patient and the condition being treated.

Absolutely. You can even undergo our therapy as a complementary method to support your current therapies without inconvenience of any kind. Prior to the beginning of your sessions, you will be given an evaluation which includes reviewing your medical history.

No. Our therapy has been successfully applied to infants, adolescents, adults and elderly adults of both genders without any problems.

As we mentioned, each individual is an independent case, according to his neuropathology, medical history, and particularities. There are cases that show remarkable improvements even since the second MRT session. Read Our History Here.


We are located in the heart of Panama City, in a safe sector, close to hotels, recreation areas such as parks, restaurants, shopping malls and other amenities. View map of our location here

Our Staff is Directed by the Medical Psychiatrist, Dr. Elvia D’orcy, who was trained by the Professionals of BTC USA, creators of the MRT protocol.

The rest of the team is formed by highly qualified health professionals, managing to form a specialized and experienced interdisciplinary team to provide the support and personalized attention that each of our patients expect.

Panama represents a very attractive destination for people from the American continent since its costs are very affordable (Passage, No Visage, Lodging, Stays, etc.). At BTC Panama we can help you manage your entire trip. Contact Us Here to start the process.

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Each case is different and particular. Please use the form on our contact page and a BTC Panama representative will guide you step by step throughout the process.

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