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We are Highly Qualified

Our Staff is Directed by the Medical Psychiatrist, Dr. Elvia D’orcy, who was trained by the Professionals of BTC USA, creators of the MRT protocol.

The rest of the team is formed by highly qualified health professionals, managing to form a specialized and experienced interdisciplinary team to provide the support and personalized attention that each of our patients expect.

We understand firsthand how important it is to you and your family the whole process, so in our treatment center we attend each case in a personal way, following a philosophy focused on the short, medium and long term benefits of those who visit us.


a Successful Therapy

Centrally located, our treatment center offers an atmosphere full of tranquility, peace and harmony, compatible with the idea of eliminating any type of stress and thus guarantee a successful therapy.

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Each case is different and particular. Read our FAQ document and find the information you are looking for

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